St. Anthony Bed and Breakfast

Hi Everyone,

At this time, I understand the need to cancel reservations.  No worries.  We will hopefully meet at another time.   We have been self isolating for a little over a week now. Drives in the car of course as it is polar bear season.  We were at Fishing Point Park yesterday.  Not many out and about.  Beautiful sunny day.  We have had gales of wind and the ice is packed offshore and there looks to be many icebergs.  Even with binoculars, they were difficult to see. I take my camera with me on my drives and will hopefully get you all some pictures as you can’t be here.  I pray you and yours are safe and well.  Stay self isolated and stay that way please.  I know many of you are alone.  It is hard to fill the hours.  If you need help, reach out and please ask someone.  Stay in, stay safe and take care.  All the best to each and everyone of you.  God bless.


St. Anthony Accommodations

St. Anthony Bed and Breakfast has a week of openings starting today.  Grab some friends and come spend a few days in the area.  Three bedrooms.  Room enough for six.  So many things to do in the area.  Icebergs, whales, fine dining, local music, lots of walking trails close by. Or just hang out, cook a meal, have a fire in the back yard and hope for moose to show up. House is warm, comfortable, and decorated with local Art and many interesting items.  The gardens are just starting to bloom.  Blog down through my older post to get some visuals on the area and the backyard and house.  Free Wifi, Cable, Complimentary breakfast. Hope to hear from you. Call or email to book.  Thanks for reading.  709 454 3497.  Happy travels.


St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Icebergs and Icebergs

Welcome to St. Anthony Bed and Breakfast.  Just to let you all know, there are amazing Icebergs arriving here now every day.  Check out the St. Anthony & Area Tourism site for amazing views of some of the latest Icebergs to arrive.  We still have rooms available for most nights this summer.  Call or email to book. 709 454 3497.  Scroll through my blogs to see some of what the area has to offer.  Plan to stay a few days to see everything.  Rates are $95 per night with a complimentary breakfast included.  We look forward to meeting with you all.


St. Anthony, Newfoundland

Welcome to St. Anthony Bed and Breakfast.  Arrive, settle in and plan to stay a few days.  There is lots to see and do.  Still space available for most nights this summer.  Enjoy the ambiance of this place and make it your home for a few days. Local Artist in residence. Call or email to make a reservation.  709 454 3497 or I look forward to hearing from you.  Happy travels.


Iceberg Festival

St. Anthony Bed and BreakfastWalking Trails.JPGGardensSignSt. Anthony Bed and Breakfast.JPGThe Iceberg Festival runs from June 7th – 17th.  Still space available for most nights throughout June through September. It is a great place for families and groups.  Updating my photos with the recent backyard activities and last summer’s gardens.  This is a great home away from home.  Plan to stay a few days and just be.  Take care and happy travels.



St. Anthony Bed and Breakfast

Now taking reservations for the 2019 season.  Three rooms for rent – two with a double bed in each and one with two singles.  The price is $95 per night all included with a help yourself breakfast.  There is a large living room, kitchen and backyard with walking trails. It is a five minute walk to the waterfront with a view of the harbour from the living room window.   Fully licensed, Canada Select rated.  The Iceberg Festival starts June 1st.  We had some amazing ones last year.  To make a reservation email or call or text 709 454 3497.   I Look forward to hearing from you.  All the best. Happy travels.


Thanks to everyone who made this year such a success.  Thanks for the laughter and the tears, the music and song, the dancing,  stories and memories. Thank you  for the new friendships.  It was a true pleasure having you in my home.  Enclosing some pictures of the outside gardens at the moment, and a couple of views from Lemage Point on the East side of the Harbour.  Until the next time, take care and God bless. Jeff says hello.




Newly Opened

Three rooms available for rent – Two with a double bed and a room with a single bed.  Space still available for most nights this summer. Large living room, tv room, backyard with fire pits, camp space, close to waterfront and all amenities. Artist in residence for this summer. Clean, comfortable, affordable accommodations.  Kitchen, laundry, free WiFi. Google Earth photo is shamefully out of date!

Added some photos taken in the fog today, June 19th.  Hope to see you soon.

Your home away from home!

Thanks for joining me!

Truly your home away from home.  A large Backyard leads to local walking trails.  A two minute walk from the property will bring you to the Harbour front where the fishing boats dock. Go for a stroll on Water Street and enjoy the peace and quiet of  small town.  Come explore the East side of St. Anthony.  For those travelling the Labrador coast, it is a great place to rest up, hose down and start again. Motorcycle friendly. Enjoy Newfoundland hospitality as seen on TV.